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October Marketing Power Hour with Scott Seidewitz

October 21, 2020 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Scott Seidewitz

This is a virtual event co-hosted with AMA Omaha

Beware the Voice of the Customer —Applied Neuroscience Tells Us What Really Drives Behavior

Your customers are lying to you. They don’t mean to. In fact, they don’t even know they’re doing it. They just don’t know why they do things, so their brains make things up. It’s one of the biggest problems in marketing, and it’s time to solve it.

Join marketing leader, innovator and contrarian Scott Seidewitz as he discusses how faulty memory and implicit emotions wreak havoc on our best efforts to understand customers. Sharing case studies from his experience and just enough science to make things interesting, Scott will show you how to get past what customers say to what they really think, feel and do. He’ll also review the current state of neuro-research, which is not only expensive but often ineffective. You’ll leave the presentation ready to apply practical techniques to better understand your customers and grow your business.

About Your Speaker:

Scott Seidewitz

For more than 20 years, marketing leader, innovator and contrarian Scott Seidewitz has been an evangelist for bringing scientific rigor to marketing and market research. From applying neuroscience to marketing to showing how traditional research stifles innovation and risk taking, his innovations have consistently challenged the conventional wisdom. Scott is a graduate of MIT, ex-P&G branding expert and former political activist. He has delivered hundreds of millions in top line growth to companies like Merck, Gilead, Align Technology (makers of Invisalign), AliBaba, Intel and Intuit. He is also a recipient of a National Citation of Excellence from the American Advertising Federation.


*Scott will be offering a free two-hour consultation as a giveaway to one attendee after the presentation.

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