Hands-on learners know it best: Sometimes the easiest way to master a skill is to work through it yourself. In this article, you’ll get a birds-eye view of what it’s like to attend an AMA Lincoln SkillSchool.


What is an AMA Lincoln SkillSchool Workshop?

SkillSchool workshops are presented by AMA Lincoln in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Each workshop lasts for around 2-3 hours and is led by an experienced professional in a specific marketing topic. They’re great for individual professional development or chemistry-building team outings.


What You’ll Learn

SkillSchools are more in-depth than many of our other events, so we only put on four workshops every year. Because of the longer event time, SkillSchools are great for more technical or intensive topics. We’ve held workshops on branding, crafting a strategic social media content, managing customer journey maps, and even networking. Keep an eye out for events that interest you, or send us ideas for topics you’d like to see covered here.


What to Expect When You Attend

When you get to the event, you’ll be greeted by an AMA volunteer who will point you in the right direction. If you don’t know anyone, ask them to make an introduction and they’ll be happy to help out! Once you settle in, plan to spend the next 2-3 hours listening, taking part in an exercise or two, and working together with other pros in attendance (by the way, don’t forget your business card). Almost every SkillSchool event comes paired with some sort of toolkit or learning that you can put into practice right away in your day job.


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