Summer is a reflective time for the AMA Lincoln board. It’s when we set expectations for the next year, welcome new leaders into the fold, and brainstorm ways we can better serve our AMA members and community marketers. As we close out the 2023-24 year and head into 2024-25, here are three big takeaways from the last year.


Your Legacy is Important — But Your Focus Should be the Present and Future

In 2024, we hosted The Legacy Gala (a one-night-only formal event) to celebrate our 40th anniversary of serving Lincoln. AMA Lincoln’s past presidents were all recognized at the event — in particular, our founder Dorothy B. Clark. It was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and reflect on all of the accomplishments Lincoln marketers have had over the years.

It’s good to do that now and then. But it’s just as important to stay grounded in the present and aware of the future. Focus on what you can do today and don’t lose sight of where you want to be down the line.


AMA Lincoln Isn’t Just for Marketers

We’re Lincoln’s chapter of the American Marketing Association — so you might think, “well if I’m not a marketer, what good are they going to do for me?” It’s true that one of our primary goals is to support Lincoln marketers and advertisers. That won’t change.

But we’ve also found that many of our events and resources are just as helpful for small business owners. When you’re trying to make the most of limited resources, it’s important that every piece of marketing or content you produce works as hard as it can.

Pro Tip for Small Business Owners: Keep an eye out for Round Tables and Skill School workshops. Round Tables are free, and give you the chance to bounce ideas off other marketing professionals. And Skill School workshops will give you tangible resources you can take back to work!

For Marketers, Your People and Community Are Critical 

Why do we talk so much about networking? Because having a support system is critical, especially for marketers. You might turn to coworkers or mentors when you need advice or a helping hand. But what happens when you change jobs or want to expand your skillset outside of your own team’s responsibilities? The stronger your network, the better you’re set up for the future.

At AMA Lincoln, we’re putting a focus on giving you opportunities to make new connections and friendships, so it’s easier for you to meet people within our marketing community. You never know — the person you meet at an AMA event could be your coworker down the line!

One final note: We’re so grateful to be part of a community as special as Lincoln. Thank you to all of our members, partners, and event attendees. You make this place wonderful and we’re excited for what’s in store in the year to come.