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KidGlov is a full-service boutique, marketing, branding, and advertising agency. But we’re so much more than that.

This world is beautiful. And your work is making it better. At KidGlov, we believe deeply in the work of changemakers like you. That’s why we’ve built our business around tackling big problems, creating innovative new ways to advance our communities, and helping you effect positive change in the world.

We partner with these areas to change the world:

From initial strategy to measuring results, we’re your partner for every step of the process. You’ll see our high-touch, collaborative approach in every meeting, every marketing plan, and every creative execution. In the end, you’ll see results that move your brand and your message forward, raising funds, bringing in customers, or creating life-changing awareness around critical issues.


Consumer Marketing Campaign: Small Business

Q3 Auto Loan Campaign

MembersOwn Credit Union was at a crossroads in how to promote its Q3 auto loan campaign. Knowing they needed a unique campaign that jumpstarted loan applications, they turned to KidGlov. The solution? Fueling customers’ journeys by highlighting MembersOwn’s low rates with a bonus of potentially winning a $1,000 fuel gift card.

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Product Launch Campaign: Non-Profit

Connecting Hope Goes National

Dreamweaver Foundation wanted to make telling your grandma you love her as easy as possible with their Connecting Hope Program, which started with a goal of gifting 100 tablets to Omaha seniors in order to help them stay connected with loved ones. KidGlov’s work garnered unheard of media coverage, hundreds of new donors, and raised over $300,000.

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Three-Dimensional Piece: Small Business

Star Savers Direct Mail

As kids, we all loved knock knock jokes. How about knock knock surprises? Farmers & Merchants Bank came to KidGlov wanting a way to delight, educate and surprise their youngest customers throughout the year. The team tapped into their inner child and began creating a direct mail campaign that kids will never forget.

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Email Blast or Series: Small Business

Recession Campaign

When Farmers & Merchants Bank heard about an upcoming economic recession, they wanted a campaign to prepare their customers with useful tips and helpful financial planning tools. Through an email newsletter, digital and social ads, and a blog post, KidGlov exceeded all campaign goals and delivered results the client could take to the bank!

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Website (more than 5 pages): Small Business

Voyage Healthcare Website

Voyage Healthcare sailed into travel nurse staffing long before many of their competitors existed. But over the years, other agencies surfaced, sinking their lead. They needed a new website that could douse the competition. KidGlov dove in, creating a new website that resulted in 1,000% increases in page views, site visitors, and web sessions.


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Website (more than 5 pages): Non-Profit

Nebraska Arts Council Website

KidGlov created a website for the Nebraska Arts Council that accomplishes two things: wowing visitors with art-focused design, and easy-to-use navigation. User experience was at the center of this project, from copy to design, with a final product that’s a picture-perfect example of how beauty and functionality drive people to action.


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Paid Social Media: Non-Profit

Talk Heart2Heart Opioid Campaign Social Media

Bite me. One won’t hurt. Sweet escape. KidGlov created “Stop & Think,” an opioid and Fentanyl awareness campaign that used biting phrases like these paired with a Lifesaver candy. The goal was that anyone scrolling on social media would see this, stop, and think before taking their next pill.

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Corporate Identity/Branding: Small Business

Voyage Healthcare Corporate Identity

Travel nursing is a fast-growing industry. To stand out from the competition, Voyage Healthcare needed a refreshed brand that clearly showed why travel nurses should choose them. KidGlov helped them set sail with a new logo and website, which communicated how Voyage could take travel nurses exactly where they wanted to be in their careers.

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Corporate Identity/Branding: Non-Profit

BraveBe Branding

KidGlov crafted the new BraveBe brand to represent a feeling and a place where child victims can speak their truth and get the courageous support they need to heal. The executive director stated that it was crafted in a way that elevates those served.

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Logo Design: Non-Profit

New Brand

As Lutheran Family Services expanded beyond state borders, they knew it was time for a brand as strong as their 130-year-old legacy. KidGlov was asked to create a new look and feel as innovative and accessible as the work they were doing. In a post-launch survey 90% of respondents preferred the new logo, describing it as cheerful and modern

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Traditional (Print, radio, OTT): Non-Profit

Stay Well Campaign

KidGlov and NDHHS crafted a public health campaign that proves little things matter when it comes to staying well. Through a mix of out-of-home, TV, radio and digital ads, they encouraged folks to do daily things to take care of themselves, like eating right, exercising, and practicing self-care to keep both mental and physical health in check.

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Digital Ads: Small Business

Q3 Auto Loan Campaign

MembersOwn Credit Union has worked to increase net auto loan volume before, but never with such steep gas prices! Knowing they needed a campaign to jumpstart loan applications, they called on KidGlov to create a campaign that fueled customers’ journeys by highlighting low rates with an added bonus of the chance to win a $1,000 fuel gift card.

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Digital Ads: Non-Profit

Prevention Coalition Opioid Campaign Digital Ads

Bite me. Just a taste. One won’t hurt. Prevention Coalition came to KidGlov wanting an opioid and Fentanyl awareness campaign. The team came up with “Stop & Think” that paired edgy headlines like the ones you just heard, with lifesaver candy. Irony aside, the hope was that this campaign would make people think before they took their next pill.

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Digital Media: Non-Profit

LES Value Campaign Digital Media

KidGlov and Lincoln Electric System successfully captured how public power illuminates our lives for only $2.73 a day. Key results include close to a million impressions, nearly double the campaign’s goal! Through KidGlov’s stunning creative, the ads show how LES powers life’s brightest moments for less than a cup of coffee.

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Integrated Public Relations: Non-Profit

Max the Vax Integrated Public Relations

In a sea of misinformation, it can be tough for families to find trustworthy information on COVID-19. Through Max the Vax, a partnership between the Nebraska Department of Education and Children’s Hospital, KidGlov created a campaign that ultimately put a megaphone in front of the good guys—Nebraska’s health care providers.

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