Most presidents-elect of AMA Lincoln over the past 40 years spent their time in the role learning the ropes, to an extent. Preparing to take the helm of a storied chapter like ours is no simple task — just ask Bri Prai, who’s in the middle of doing it twice. She served as president of AMA Lincoln from 2021–2022, as the world was slowly adjusting and recovering from the heart of a pandemic. This year, she’s back for another round. And the chapter — and overall community — is better for it. Check out her interview answers below and get to know this AMA Lincoln leader.


Tell us a little about your full-time job. What do you do? What kinds of people do you work with? What do you enjoy about it?

I work at Union Bank & Trust as a digital marketing coordinator. My focus is social media but I also have a large hand in our emails and website content. I love that every day is different, learning new things all the time, and all the #RandomBriThings I get to do. I’ve been on the AMA Lincoln board for over six years! I started as a volunteer hosting social media roundtables. I never could have imagined I’d be president one day, let alone twice! 

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies you enjoy? Things you do to decompress?

I’m obsessed with baking — specifically cookies. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to receive one of my Christmas cookie plates, you know I go a tad overboard every year. I’ve also entered my Reading Era this year and am devouring books left and right. I’m always looking for recommendations so if you see me at an event, I’d love to hear about what books you’ve read recently and loved.

How does your perfect morning start?

I have small humans so a perfect morning for me includes sleeping past 7 and then curling up in a blanket and reading. Throw in a blueberry cake donut and I’m in heaven. 

What professional achievement are you most proud of?

Increasing a Facebook following by over 1 million people is pretty high on my list! I also love taking a forgotten social media presence and turning it around 180. I’ve done that three times now and it’s such a satisfying feeling seeing the change you created. My biggest AMA achievement was winning the chapter several awards for my presidency year and pushing the trajectory of the chapter higher in the process.

What personal achievement are you most proud of? 

This is so cliche, but being a mom is my most proud achievement to date. Watching two humans grow into really cool little humans is the best thing in the world. And accidentally having one of them with no pain medicine. 

What advice do you have for young professionals in the area?

Be open to new experiences and network like crazy! You would be amazed how many times I’ve heard over the years “I got my dream job thanks to AMA Lincoln.” Myself included! Getting out there can be super scary but once you find a great group of welcoming people, it gets so much easier. When I had my first meeting to join the board, I vividly remember sitting outside the downtown Starbucks in my car filled with anxiety about meeting a new person for the first time. All these years later, I don’t bat an eye at standing on stage talking to a room full of people. Sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone results in one of the best things to ever happen to you.

What’s your favorite part about Lincoln and why?

I grew up in Lincoln so it will always have a special place in my heart. As I’ve grown up, I see how tight knit of a community Lincoln is. We all say Lincoln is just a big small town and it’s so true! We take care of our people, we step up for each other, and we support community initiatives. 

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