Every year, we participate in a Regional Retreat with our fellow AMA chapters from across the Midwest. These day-long sessions let us learn from our peers and find new ways to serve the Lincoln marketing community. They also give us a much-needed mental boost heading into the cold weather and jam-packed schedules that come with a newly-minted winter.

This year’s retreat especially served as a reminder of why we do what we do — and how we can stay motivated as we get there.


Be there for your people — but take care of yourself.

We’re wired to feel good when we help others. It’s why we get really excited when our job board helps someone find a new gig, or when someone’s able to expand their network at one of our events. But be careful not to overextend yourself. Get good at recognizing when you’re starting to feel burned out or exhausted, and don’t keep pushing when you realize it. There are almost always people you can turn to for a little support or encouragement. Speaking of…


Look to your network. Don’t have one? Get one!

Part of why we love Regional Retreats so much is that we get really fired up after them. By turning to a network of other chapter leaders, we get encouraged by the fact that a lot of us are trying to solve the same problems with different solutions. We get new ideas and validation that ours are smart, too. Your network can do the same. They’re the people you text with random questions and the coworker you turn to when you’re feeling down. If you don’t have one in place, get out there and get one! Or send us a message — we’d be happy to set you up.


Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.

Marketers have a ton on our plates already — no need to make the work harder or more time-consuming. Start from templates (shameless plug: like those you get with an AMA membership). Use kits. Seek advice from experts who have already solved the problem you’re struggling with. And if you’re truly facing a one-in-a-million mountain of a problem that’s 100% unique, take pride in the fact that once you solve it, you’ll be the one people turn to for answers.


Look for the bright side.

This year, AMA Lincoln won more national Chapter Excellence Awards (CEAs) than we have in the past four years. That’s not us trying to brag — because, to be honest, there were times in the past couple of years we haven’t felt like an award-winning chapter. Like many, we’ve been busy. Stressed. Like there’s always more we could be doing. We’re sure you’ll feel like that this winter and beyond. Take a step back and look back on the things you’ve accomplished and realize you not only can do this — you will.


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