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Union Bank & Trust

Family-owned for over 50 years, Union Bank & Trust provides complete financial services to help individuals, families, and businesses thrive. Our approach to customer service and commitment to the communities we serve fuels growth in Lincoln and Omaha, throughout Nebraska, and in the Kansas City metro area.


Email Blast or Series: Large Business

Journey Emails

UBT’s Journey Program has always provided great education, entertainment, and enrichment opportunities for its Boomer and senior customers. We wanted to reach these customers in a new way, as in-person and live events were not an option. The solution was a consistent variety of authentic, educational, and engaging emails just for this audience.

Paid Social Media: Large Business

Piggy Bank Ad Campaign

Union Bank wanted to attract new customers and breathe new life into an existing kid-focused savings match. By creating downloadable content and promoting it with uniquely illustrated, eye-catching social media ads, the campaign converted 60 new customers.

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Out-of-Home: Large Business

Auto Loan Campaign Street Graphics

UBT was looking to increase consumer auto loan volume. Because foot traffic in the branches decreased during the pandemic, the marketing team wanted to capture attention for the offer in drive-thrus instead. By placing large street graphic stickers on the cement at the start of every drive-thru, it got customers excited to ask for more details.

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Digital Ads: Large Business

Union Bank & Trust Deposit Campaign

UBT has run a deposit campaign each year since 2014. In 2021, the marketing team successfully added Google Discovery digital ads to the mix as a way to help drive the overall success of the campaign, which saw 14% more checking deposits year-over-year during the promotion.

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