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Swanson Russell

Swanson Russell connects brands and audiences with ideas that are unavoidable and unforgettable. We’re a full-service agency that works with clients from our own backyard and around the world, and we’re a proud part of the Nebraska marketing community.


Consumer Marketing Campaign: Large Business

Make What Matters Campaign

Runza’s® brand promise is that “Runza® Makes it All Better.” We built a campaign to help them find the next wave of helpful, friendly employees to bring that promise to life.

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Animation/Motion Graphics: Large Business

Holiday Gift Card Promotion

To help Runza’s® holiday gift offer stand out in the crowd, we illustrated and animated some colorful new characters.

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Short-form Video: Large Business

2021 Employees Campaign

At most banks, people have your money. At UBT, your money has people. People who come to work with their own life experiences, and use that empathy and compassion to treat customers the way they’d want to be treated. In 2021, UBT highlighted the life stories of our bankers to show how having real people on your side makes all the difference.

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