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Swanson Russell

As a full-service marketing communications agency Swanson Russell has been in the business of “ideas” for more than 60 years. That’s meant daily collaboration between a variety of disciplines, strategic thinking, creativity, a relentless pursuit of real connection for brands and customers — and the wherewithal to make it all happen under virtually any circumstance. It starts with recognizing that everyone on the team plays a critical role. At Swanson Russell, ideas can come from anyone, and the people are driven by common values: Be Real, Be Hungry, Be Thankful, Be Honest and Be a Team. Swanson Russell empowers teams to ask “what if?” – whether it be creating a new process, brainstorming a different approach, or refining the details of a strategy. All done NOT just to create great work, but to create a great environment where great people can thrive.