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Maly Marketing

Maly Marketing is a full-service agency with a focus on marketing strategy and creative execution with deep experience in tourism, economic development, and government entities. We’re driven to help our clients succeed and to do work that we’re proud of. We currently serve clients throughout the Midwest/ High Plains regions with a focus on effective branding and campaign management.


Print or Three-Dimensional Piece: Small Business

VNP Sunflower Box

The goal of any marketing piece should be to get the recipient to notice the piece and ideally smile. To get the recipient to be so moved by the piece that they send back a “Thank You” note is even better. However, the best is when that $8 direct mail piece leads to over $5,000 in business.

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Paid Social Media: Small Business

Revealed Films Digital Campaign

How do we compete against big-budget film companies with a total production budget of $250,000 and an advertising budget of 1/10th of the typical documentary? You build up an online following by offering episodes for free and asking them to share the docu-series with any loved ones that it will impact and strategically market it to the people impacted.

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Collateral: Non-Profit

Kearney, where the Heartland gathers.

Most conference and event-planning advertising is wallpaper. To market Kearney Nebraska, a small town of 30,000 people in central Nebraska, we had to do something drastic to draw in conference planners.

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Merit Awards

Website: Non-Profit

Cass County Website