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Maly Marketing

Here at Maly Marketing, we work hard to produce our best work for each client.

Creative problem solving is our specialty. From tourism to whiskey, tires to shoes, we have experience working with a variety of clients. We look for straightforward solutions that meet each project’s goals. We’re also not scared to pitch weird ideas if they have a strategic purpose — which they will.

No matter your goal or goals, you need to make an impact and get noticed. Sometimes you may need to try something a little “out there” to get noticed. Sometimes you might just need to shake up your media mix.

Branding, direct-mail, digital campaigns, billboards, print, TV, and avocado launching — our work has produced results and helped our clients get noticed.


Traditional (Print, radio, OTT): Small Business

The Adventures of Nimbus & Dimbus

What happens when you combine storm clouds & the movie Step Brothers? It becomes a powerful marketing combo like Fergie & Jesus. Maly Marketing realized that when approx. 3,189 “experts” flood a city after a storm, they had to do something to make Malybuilt (only partial relation) stick out. What was created led to an increase of 628% in leads.

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