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Katie Ripa

Katie has a passion for people—being around them, learning about them and helping them. She loves developing brands and working with businesses to maximize their marketing strategies and improve their operations every day.

Katie delivers 20 years of marketing communications and brand advancement experience. Prior to joining KidGlov, she led the brand management and marketing strategies for Exmark Manufacturing; was the Director of Marketing for BVH Architects; and was a business development representative for E&A Engineers.

Katie is also a leader in Nebraska, where her passion for working with people and bettering the community shines through. In fact, she was awarded Lincoln’s 20 Under 40 Award from the Lincoln Journal Star for career excellence and making an impact on the community. Katie currently serves on the Downtown Lincoln Association board of directors, Make-A-Wish Friends Council and the Adams Elementary School PTO as the finance chair. She has served on the Lincoln Children’s Zoo board of directors executive council. She was the president of the Trinity Child Care Parent Association, president of the Lincoln’s Young Professionals Group Leadership Council, president of the Lincoln Marketing Association, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce board member, president of UpDowntowners, and was also a member of the Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent’s Facility Advisory Committee.


When Katie isn’t doing the million and one things on her list, she’s channeling her inner child with her daughter, Madison (7), and son, Logan (5). By leading her family on adventures, perfecting lego building skills, and is a whizz with a hot glue gun. She also enjoys social outings with her husband, Russ.

She hopes to instill the spirit of exploration and philanthropy into her children, just as her parents did with her.