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Jacht is a full-service advertising agency in Lincoln, Nebraska. Every Jachter is a student of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and we believe that all it takes to spark insight into action is the fearless pursuit of big ideas. Guided by industry professionals with 50 years of experience, Jacht is dedicated to exploring creative ingenuity and creating high-quality work that our clients love.

Our wide range of services include research, strategic branding, videography, photography, social media strategy, print design, and public relations.


Logo Design: Student

Northeast Family Center Logo

The Northeast Family Center presented Jacht with the challenge of rebranding the organization , showing the value of their currently underused services and to increase brand recognition with a logo that spoke to their values while increasing their visibility in the community. Jacht accomplished this goal with a logo that reflected these aims.

Long-form video: Student

Omaha Public Schools Oral History Video

Omaha Public Schools celebrated their 160th anniversary in 2020. To celebrate this, a mural was made in the school that featured important moments from their time as a school district. In conjunction with the mural, Jacht made an oral history video that included stakeholders from OPS discussing the district’s history and how the mural reflects it.

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DEI: Student

Husker Dialogues

Husker Dialogues is an event for first-year students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to help them start meaningful discussions around diversity and inclusion. The goals of the campaign were to increase volunteer participation, increase student awareness, and decrease the confusion around logistical elements of participating digitally.

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