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An independently-owned, creative agency based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

By combining elements of strategy, marketing, and design, our team at Eleanor creates timeless brand identities and digital experiences that will impact your business for the greater good.

Our agency is fast-paced, fearless, and has a wild cross-blend of extensive design credentials, marketing, and media experience. Our team brings a critical eye and a passionate approach to everything we do. We’re proud to work with clients locally in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Midwest, and around the world.


Guerrilla Marketing Campaign: Small Business

Next Stop: Star Tran

Next Stop: an Eleanor hiring campaign, guerrilla marketing-style. StarTran was shutting down routes, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in overtime pay. Eleanor came in with a solution and the recruiting goal was met within two months. 86% of vacant positions were filled with limited time and resources.

Website (more than 5 pages): Small Business

Bluestem Health

Bluestem Health needed an updated website, award-winning you might say, to measure up to their growth, services, and patient care. Eleanor designed and developed one for them to elevate the user experience, enhance their SEO, and look beautiful! With cleaner, clearer navigation, more than 21,000 patients can find healthcare.

Microsite (5 pages or less): Small Business

Next Stop: Star Tran

The StarTran landing page makes you want to scroll and click until… Next Stop: Hired. Eleanor used the Next Stop: Hired campaign creative to attract people looking for a career that will take them places, and this landing page could not be more perfect.

Organic Social Media (nonpaid): Small Business

Le Quartier

What do bakers love to do most? Feed people! So why not feed Le Quartier’s loyal customers and followers some delicious marketing creative on social media to get them excited about their product? That’s what Eleanor did with Le Quartier. Our social audience grew by 8.8% and 68.2% on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

Paid Social Media:Small Business

Next Stop: Star Tran

Next Stop: an Eleanor paid social media hiring campaign. StarTran was shutting down routes and Bus Operators were dwindling from too much overtime. Eleanor came in with a recruitment solution. Using paid Meta ads via a virtual Facebook Event and a new landing page, we filled 86% of the open jobs in one day.

Logo Design: Small Business


Ember is Lincoln’s newest community for women in business. Formerly Local Girl Gang, they came with years of experience in cultivating sparks of inspiration and support for local entrepreneurs. It was time for their own brand to mature and magnify. Eleanor crafted a logo for Ember that sizzles with sophistication and enigmatic energy.

Print Collateral: Small Business


TMCO is a Midwestern manufacturing company that’s proud of its German heritage. So proud, in fact, that they throw a yearly Oktoberfest event to thank their employees, customers, and community members with pretzels, sauerkraut, workshop tours, music, dancing, and of course, cold, refreshing German beer. Eleanor made the event sing. Prost!

Digital TV: Small Business

Lancaster County Corrections: Hello Officer

Watch Digital Ads

Out-of-Home (point of purchase, billboards, etc.): Small Business

Lancaster County Corrections: Hello Officer

Billboards can be hard to read or hard to ignore on the 9-5 drive to and from work. But commuters couldn’t help but notice the appeal of the Hello Officer billboard, digitally and right downtown. It’s vibrant and it’s fun and it makes you stop and reconsider your day-to-day job. Could saying Hello Officer be right for you?

Supporting Collateral

Virtual Event: Small Business

Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy

The Haymarket is Lincoln’s historic downtown district, and relies on fundraisers to continue its preservation. One of these is Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy, a chance for guests to sample from the best chefs in the city. Eleanor Creative brought sugar, spice, and strategy to the event to help make its virtual transition as smooth as melted chocolate.


Short-form video (less than 90 seconds): Small Business

Lancaster County Corrections: Hello Officer

Goodbye, office. Hello, officer. This simple call to action, crafted by Eleanor, helped Lancaster County Corrections break through the stigma surrounding work as a correctional officer, and to find compassionate, intelligent, and active candidates to serve on their team. The campaign included a vibrant, cheeky video highlighting the energy.