By Kelly Medwick, VP of Sponsorships

This past Sunday, I was walking toward our fantastic new Pinnacle Bank Arena to see Jon Bon Jovi rock it out. As I’m leaving Jack & June, this great locally-owned restaurant that served me the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten, I was surrounded by people who are out having a great time.  Dressed to rock. Hairsprayed and sporting leather fringe. Dining out and enjoying this great city we’ve lived in, yet are now seeing in a whole new way.

I was with a fellow marketer, and we could not stop talking about the excitement that our business community, in particular, has brought to Lincoln.  We took note of the OUTSTANDING marketing that’s happening here to make Lincoln come alive.  And it really hit both of us – why we are marketers.

Marketers love making businesses thrive, because when they are successful, the whole community around those businesses thrives with it.

Great marketers help create new jobs, make connections, open new opportunities, keep talented young professionals in our community, and attract new talent from other states, like New Jersey, where I’m from (Jon Bon would be so proud).

It is likely that you have been asked to provide a sponsorship to Lincoln AMA before, and we’ve offered you great ways to get your name out in front of our award-winning, nationally recognized organization.

We still do that for our sponsors.

But I am not asking for you to sponsor Lincoln AMA just so that you can have your logo on a screen or a booth at an event.

I am asking you to sponsor Lincoln AMA because GREAT MARKETERS BUILD GREAT COMMUNITIES.  Our chapter wins national awards because our PEOPLE are great, and our COMMUNITY supports greatness.  YOU support greatness.

When you support Lincoln AMA, you help ensure Lincoln’s businesses have marketers who are ONE STEP AHEAD of their competition – even if they are a global operation.

You support savvy young marketing newbies who are climbing, mid-career marketing pros who need to keep the creative fires lit, and seasoned master marketers who need to keep up in order to understand what the newbies are talking about…and to give them much-needed guidance.

You help provide marketers with education and professional development that is local, affordable and career changing.  Without AMA, our members would be one step behind the competition.

And so would our businesses.

And so would Lincoln.

Become a sponsor of Lincoln AMA.  I want to make this more than just another recognition opportunity for you…you get plenty of those asks and they probably just pile up in your inbox.

As a Lincoln AMA sponsor, you’ll be invited to a special Marketing Leader Luncheon, where we will ask YOU for input on how we can grow and improve our offerings.

And yes, we will recognize you…shower you with recognition, in fact, at one or several of our signature events. We have a list of upcoming events right here:

We have sponsorships that range from cash, in-kind, and a combo of both.  We value your support in any way that you can provide it.

Sponsor the Lincoln AMA out of sheer pride.

You are a marketer, and you make it happen.

Contact me or my fellow AMA board member Ty Westover for a giving opportunity tailored for you. Our info is below.

But, most importantly, do this:  keep on marketing, and keep Lincoln rocking.