Director of Marketing and Communication - Nebraska Bankers Association (Posted 5/22)

Nebraska Bankers Association is hiring for a


1. Oversees development, implementation and coordination of a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy.
2. Prepares and delivers the organization’s membership update on a weekly basis.
3. Prepares budget(s) for all communications and marketing activities.
4. Supervises members of the communication and marketing team.
5. Write, designs, and/or coordinates production of various NBA publications and promotional materials.
6. Develops and prepares scripts, speeches, etc. for NBA president/CEO and elected officers.
7. Develops and maintains productive working relationships with statewide and regional media outlets.
8. Prepares press releases and coordinates editorial board visits, press conferences, and media interviews.
9. Performs administrative and operational duties related to the Nebraska Bankers Educational Found and the University Foundation Allocation Committees.
10. Responds to various types of informational requests from the membership by researching and disseminating industry-related articles and information upon request.
11. Attends meetings of the NBA’s board of directors and committees. Serves as a member of the NBA’s Management Team.

This would be a great opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of a great team. You will have the opportunity to innovate and be a key difference maker. If you are interested in this opportunity please reach out asap to or call at 402-323-1664

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