Where do you currently work and in what position?
Runza® National – Director of Marketing


Becky Perrett, Runza National

How do you think your involvement with AMA led you to that position?
I was hired at Runza® prior to becoming involved with the AMA, but know my membership and experiences have made me a better marketer, leader and thinker.

What is your best memory or takeaway from being involved in AMA?
Leadership Summit in Chicago is one of my best memories; fantastic networking, team building, and idea sharing plus our /cr Super Hero shirts were the talk of the conference. (/cr was the one-stop-shop info hub for Chapter Resources)

What has been your biggest marketing or career accomplishment?
Tie – Achieving a Master’s degree and being selected as one of Lincoln’s 20 Under 40 for my efforts at work and in the community.

What advice do you have for entry- and mid- level marketers?
Try new things, look for opportunities to network, be someone others like to work with and make yourself invaluable through hard work, follow through & consistently offering ideas.

What hobbies do you have outside of your love for marketing?
Traveling, volunteering, reading & spending time with friends & family.

What is your favorite marketing campaign?
So difficult to choose just one – Dove Beauty. We all like campaigns that are funny or silly, but this one made us think and have a conversation. Awesome!