Where do you currently work and in what position?
President : Chief Strategist at KidGlov.


Lyn Wineman, KidGlov

How do you think your involvement with AMA led you to that position?
I have a unique experience as the AMA Board President who recruited me (Kelley Peterson) has joined me at KidGlov as Vice President and Creative Director. I could tell when we worked together on the AMA board that we had similar passion and drive and it has proven to be both life- and career-changing.

What is your best memory or takeaway from being involved in AMA?
The early 2000s was a different time for AMA Lincoln. The group had dwindled down to the point where leadership was questioning whether we should even remain as an independent chapter. Through sheer determination and hard work we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and battled through the tough times. During these years we were forced to re-evaluate everything, this process led to the launch of both the Prism Awards and Non-Profit Branding 101 (now known as Cause Camp).

Of course being awarded Marketer of the Year in 2007 and receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award/Hall of Fame recognition in 2014 were also pretty great.

What has been your biggest marketing or career accomplishment?
I went out on my own and opened my business in 2010. However, my proudest moment was on Valentine’s Day 2013 when we rebranded using our own proprietary Brand Advancement process (launched at an AMA Meeting). This was the successful culmination of my personal dream and the company vision.   There’s an old saying that “to handle something with kid gloves” means to treat it with special care. The name KidGlov embodies our style of business—to strategically advance our clients and our team members for success.

What advice do you have for entry- and mid- level marketers?
Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” We all have the ability to make a big impact in our own way. The smallest word of encouragement or extra ounce of determination can cause a positive ripple effect.  I believe that marketing changes the world. We educate audiences and move them to action. We sell products that lead to job creation. We drive donations to charitable organizations that help others.

What hobbies do you have outside of your love for marketing?
I am a new “empty-nester”. My youngest two children Scott and Haley are successful college students at UNL and UNO respectively. My oldest daughter Erin has just started working at KidGlov (yeah!). I plan to fill my time restoring our historic family farm, working on my fitness goals, watching Haley compete with the UNO Women’s Golf Team and raising a small flock of peacocks, one dog and one cat.

What is your favorite marketing campaign?
I’ll share two.
1 – Raisin Bran “Two Scoops” campaign. When I was first starting out in account service someone shared a case study of how that campaign was inspired by an enterprising young account exec who wrote an amazing creative brief. That inspired me to take extra pride in my role of providing strategic information to creative teams.
2 – Career Builder did a 2008 Super Bowl Commercial called “Follow Your Heart.” In the commercial a woman’s heart literally jumps out of her chest onto her desk, runs down the hall and waves a white flag. While the pundits never named this as a top SuperBowl commercial, I remember having an “aha” moment that lead me down the path to opening KidGlov in 2010. It spoke to my entrepreneurial soul. I want to do the kind of work that inspires others to take action and follow their dreams.

A little bit more about Lyn Wineman, KidGlov President and Chief Strategist:
Lyn is a marketing veteran with nearly 30 years of experience. She now leads a diverse team of passionate and talented professionals to drive growth through strategic branding and marketing communications. In addition to founding KidGlov, Lyn has played key leadership roles including: President, Pickering Creative Group; Senior Vice President, Swanson Russell Associates; Marketing Director, Tabitha; and President, Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Lyn has extensive brand advancement experience. She has been instrumental in marketing efforts for regional and national organizations such as Lancaster Event Center, Lancaster Super Fair, Farmers & Merchants Bank, MembersOwn Credit Union, Tabitha Union Bank, Bryan Health, Gateway Computers and Rain Bird Irrigation.

Lyn has been inducted into the Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association Hall of Fame and was recognized as Marketer of the Year. Lincoln Business Journal included her as one of Lincoln’s 40 under 40.She is a leader within the community, and has served as President of the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company Board, member of Red Cross Board and President of the Lincoln AMA.

Lyn and husband, Neil, live on a historic farm where they raise a small flock of peacocks. They enjoy spending time with her children Haley, Scott and Erin, and son-in-law Kade.