You can't beat the publications available through the American Marketing Association. There's something for everyone!

For the general practitioner

  • Marketing News

  • Marketing Research

  • Marketing Management

  • Marketing Health Services

For those wanting a little something extra

  • Journal of Marketing

  • Journal of Marketing Research

  • Journal of International Marketing

  • Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

For good measure, throw in AMA Newsletters and all the resources in the AMA bookstore and you're invincible!

Here are a few of our favorite marketing publications:

  • Marketing Management - Analysis, Planning,
    Implementation, and Control
    Kotler - Prentice Hall

    The Story Factor
    Annette Simmons - Basic Books

    The Hero and the Outlaw
    Mark & Person - McGraw Hill

    Building Strong Brands
    Aaker - Free Press

    Positioning (Ries, Ries, Trout)

    Blink (Gladwell)

    The Experience Economy (Pine, Gilmore)

    Add a book to the reference list. Email us at:

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