• Corporate Marketer of the Year


  • Marketer of the Year

    Katherine Warren

  • Student Marketer of the Year

    Whitney Koehn

  • Dorothy B. Clarke Award

    Dylan Wrightsman

  • Hall of Fame Recipient

    Randy Hawthorne


The Prisms recognize excellence in marketing in the Lincoln and surrounding communities. Work represented within entries must have been implemented in part between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. You do not need to be an AMA member to submit an entry. Those eligible to enter include:


Prism entries are judged by an American Marketing Association chapter selected by AMA Lincoln to review award submissions. The number of points received determines Prism and Merit winners. Entries must receive a minimum number of points to qualify for a Prism award. Therefore, some categories may have a Merit award winner and not a Prism award winner. The awards are judged based on your response to the following five areas:

  • THE CHALLENGE & OBJECTIVES the primary problem to solve, objectives to meet

    What was the core, basic problem the entry needed to solve or address? What was/were the objective(s) to address the situation or challenge? This should be a specific, quantifiable statement. Judges will score on how clearly the challenge is stated and whether the objectives are sound, clear and measurable. 500 words or less.

  • STRATEGY & TACTICS plans for achieving the goal

    Describe the strategic process behind this project/initiative and what tactics or actions were taken to achieve the objectives. Judges will score how well the strategy and tactics relate to achieving the objectives. 500 words or less.

  • RESULTS measurable success

    What measurable results did this entry achieve? Did it achieve the entry’s objectives? It’s extremely important to describe the results in measurable terms to demonstrate the entry’s objectives were achieved. Judges will score on how effective the entry was in producing results that directly tie into the objective(s). 300 words or less.


    Include both physical and digital files of the work to be judged along with your entry. Note that judging may include both physical and digital files. If your entry wins a Prism or Certificate of Merit award, the physical files will be displayed at the awards banquet.


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