Cropped Preliminary Contest

To compete at Cropped, you must first place in the top four in this preliminary contest. For this contest, you must submit a new version of our flyer, following the rules below. If any of the rules are not followed, or if you miss the submission deadline, your entry will not be accepted.

Contest Rules:

Who Can Compete?

Any person not on the board of AMA Lincoln can enter the contest.

Submission Deadline: October 8th at 6pm

Submission Website:

Each person may only submit one design.

Choosing Winners:

From October 8th to October 11th, the public will be allowed to vote for their favorite designs. This will be announced to AMA Lincoln’s email list but non-members will be allowed to vote. The designs viewable by the public will not display identifying information about the designer. The designers of the four flyers that receive the most votes will be selected to compete at Cropped on October 25th at 6pm.

Flyer Design Requirements:

  • The file submitted must be a one-sided, 8.5” x 11” flyer saved as a jpeg or png with a file size less than 500kb.
  • Your flyer must include the provided Cropped and AMA Lincoln logos.
  • Your flyer must include the following copy:

Four designers, three rounds, one champion.

In each round, you will attempt to create the best design possible using our zip drive of mystery materials. Stay in the top of your round, and you’ll advance. Fall to the bottom, and you’ll be cropped. The designer who makes it through to the end without getting cropped will get the fame, the glory, and the top prize of $500 cash.

For more details and the official rules, visit

Cropped 2018 Flyer

Design a better version of this flyer for your chance at competing  in this years live design challenge!

Contest Entry
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I have read and followed the contest rules and I am available during the evening of October 25th.

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