Leah Gregory, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

I am currently the Content Manager at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

I spent the first 22ish years of my life in the beautiful little city of Hastings, NE–including getting my degree in English Language & Linguistics at Hastings College. Randomly, I also have a studio art minor, which was partially to get some experience with digital art but also because I wanted to try glassblowing and ceramics. Totally worth it.

How long have you been an AMA member?
I’m actually an AMA newbie: I just joined this summer, right after I started working for NCFF. I’m currently on the Board of Directors, though, as co-chair of the Communications team. I’m in charge of the weekly newsletter and enjoy the weekly challenge of trying to best my own open/click through rates. You should read the newsletters, they’re awesome. 🙂

How has AMA helped you be more successful in your professional endeavors?
In my role at NCFF, I like to say I’m in charge of all the wordsing: creating content for our communities to use, maintaining our blog and social media, writing press releases, editing others’ writing, etc. My experience with AMA thus far has been super helpful in giving me a sounding board of smart, savvy marketers who can help me sort through challenging messaging strategies, find resources for event planning, and commiserate about stumbling blocks.

What have you enjoyed most about being an AMA member?
The networking aspect of AMA is *huge*. It seems like there’s always someone who knows someone who knows someone else who can help me if I’m stuck. The connectedness of AMA membership is incredible.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m actually kind of a video game nerd, so that’s a big hobby of mine. I also do a LOT of yoga, and I have three dogs who keep me pretty busy.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m a pretty open book, so there aren’t a lot of surprises with me. I did recently start doing rope wall yoga and can hang upside down like a bat, so that’s kind of surprising.

What is your best career advice for your fellow marketers?
Nurture your network! If you leave a job, don’t leave any burned bridges. You never know when someone you used to work with will end up being the person who finds you your dream job–or when you can be that person for someone else.

Do you have any favorite marketing blogs, books or podcasts?
Fast Company is a big one for me. I also like to follow business accounts on Twitter that really seem to have fun with their marketing, like Denny’s. I’m not even a huge fan of Denny’s food, but their offbeat, quirky online persona is an inspiring reminder to find your unique voice and stand out.

What are your favorite local businesses?
My favorite local restaurant is definitely MoMo, though Amu Manu and bread&cup get honorable mentions. For local shopping, you can’t find anything cuter than Paper Kite, and I also love Home & Closet both for their awesome mid-mod furniture finds and their support of local makers (Earthen Joy, Lovewell, etc.). For fun, I love the Rock Island Social Club, the Tam O’Shanter, the Hot Mess, Cultiva, and other similar small, offbeat places. Lincoln has such a vibrant community of local shop owners and restaurants–everyone should go find something they love and shop local! 🙂