Lincoln Secret Supper – Marketing Efforts Overview

Originally posted by Nebraska Foodie on Sep 23, 2012 in Eats, Events

A few weeks ago I attended, “The Evolution of a Revolution-How the marketing of Lincoln Secret Supper is changing Lincoln’s food and drink landscape”, a marketing luncheon hosted by the American Marketing Association (AMA) of Lincoln. AMA hosted Dan Parsons of Parsons PR and the co-founder of Lincoln’s food revolution, “Lincoln Secret Supper.”

For those who don’t know, Lincoln Secret Supper’s mission is to create “an intimate dining experience for a select few who appreciate meeting new people, stimulating conversation and a night of unbridled culinary fun.” The “suppers” are announced to members of the club with a limit of 30-seats per event. After the 30-attendees are set, the details of the event are slowly released to retain the “secret” factor. Each supper features a chef and mixologist whom together plan and execute the nights meal and drink pairings. The event is held at a secret location, only being revealed to the attendees days before the meal.

At the luncheon Dan shared with the group the history of Lincoln Secret Supper and how the movement was first conceived. He explained how LSS has used grass roots marketing to attract new members... READ MORE

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