October Marketer of the Month

Janet Chung is Marketer of the Month for AMA’s Lincoln Chapter.

As program manager in market development for Lincoln Electric System, Chung focuses on business services and programs and is responsible for LES’ Business Advisory Council program and customer satisfaction surveys. Chung also handles the marketing of energy efficient programs such as the EnergyLine business e-newsletter and customer seminars.

The Lincoln native holds a degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Chung has worked for various companies and has resided in Grand Island and Kearney in Nebraska as well as Texas, Ohio, Arizona and Kentucky.

Chung’s philosophy of marketing centers on customer service. “From my experience in the consumer services industry, customer service is very important,” she said. “You can have the best marketing in the world, but if the customer experience is lacking, you won’t keep or get the customer back. It all relates to the four ‘Ps,’ product, pricing, place, promotion. I would add a fifth ‘P’ to the mix, ‘people.’ ”

Chung serves on the board of directors for the Cornhusker Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross, volunteers for an American Cancer Society fundraiser and is on a homeowners’ association board.

She and her husband, Pat Raybould, have three dogs.

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