By Sima Dahl, Parlay Communications 

I am a big fan of status. No, not the kind you get when you fly a million miles on United. I’m talking about the status updates you write on social networks. As I’ll share with you in my keynote presentation this February 13th, I believe that when done well, and with consistency, a good status update can help you forge a strong personal brand and general referrals for exciting new opportunities. A great status update is written with the end destination in mind. For example, I don’t “sound” the same way on Facebook as I do on LinkedIn. On the former I’m snarky, sassy, and 100 percent Sima. On LinkedIn however, I’m a bit more polished – at least I try to be.

I have generated bona fide business opportunities from my status updates – offers to speak, to write, to consult. In fact, the largest deal I’ve signed to date came by way of a Facebook referral, so I don’t take them lightly. What follows is my categorization of the most deadly Facebook status update sins. If you find you’re guilty of one or more, it may be time to pause and reconsider your personal brand.

The Spam Cannon posts a non-stop stream of business updates. Look, we get it, you’re an SEO savant, that’s cool. But I’m not interested in SEO. And over time, I’ll be come disinterested in you.

Yah you look good in that selfie at the gym, all sweaty and flexed. Oh and the one of you in the car, with the sun back-lighting you? That’s good too. Now put on some clothes, put down the phone, and get back to work.

If you can’t make your point in a few sentences, it’s not a point, it’s a novel. I understand on occasion you need more space but I shouldn’t have to click “continue reading” with any regularity. As Mark Twain is quoted saying, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

And speaking of quotes, how about you say something original every now and then. Because the Yogi Berra stuff is funny, but old. Really, really old.

I love that you love your pets. Kitty in the hamper is adorable, as is the latest video of Fido chasing his tail. But unless your dog can text like this guy, maybe mix it up? (Sorry, same goes for your kids.)

Hello? Is this mic on? I can hear you breathing…

I get that you volunteer for PETA, are active in local politics, and think milk is evil. But Facebook is not a platform for vitriol, and your posts are becoming… < yawn > what was I saying?

I get it. You’re going through a hard time. But if you can’t find the silver lining, ever, how do you expect me to refer you to a recruiter I know? Lighten up; look on the bright side every now and then.

So you’re watching the Oscars are you? Outraged Cate Blanchette lost? Oh now it’s the Superbowl? “Come on ref, open your eyes.” “Awesome play.” “What a dbag.”  #please stop

Oh that reminds me… There’s one more deadly sin: The HASHTAG HEAVY
#nofilter #foodie #makesnosense #TWSS #payattentiontome #jobs #totallymakingthisup #stop


Sima Dahl is America’s personal branding champion and social networking coach. Through her keynotes and training, she’s helped thousands of sales teams, corporate staffs, business owners and job seekers take control of their digital footprint to drive professional success.