Laurie Fraser, VP Membership

Take a step in the right direction and become one of us!

As I anticipated a career change from teaching marketing to actually “doing” marketing, I found the AMA to be an invaluable resource to not only network, but to bring my skills up to speed…and have fun! What could be better than that?  Fun and professional growth: Lincoln AMA brings both to you.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should join.

  1. Meet amazing marketers in your very own backyard:  You never know when you’ll make a connection that could further your career, or open your eyes to a new tactic that could increase your business and make your current boss love you even more!
  2. Big ideas:  You’ve heard that two heads are better than one… well how about 200+ brains to pick?  We love to geek out on marketing and share what we know; we’re eager to help and if we don’t’ know the answer, we know someone who does.
  3. Programming:  Sure, you can Google, you can listen to podcasts, but nothing is sweeter than actual live interaction with presenters from companies you’d love to work for!   Making that connection is something you can’t do on a screen, but you can do it with AMA.
  4. Education:  My students used to think they knew it all, and I loved telling them that even I, the great marketing teacher, didn’t know everything. Attend AMA presentations, utilize the online tools, read the publications, or better yet, volunteer and really dig in – learning never stops and Lincoln AMA makes learning fun.
  5. Keep up with trends:  It seems every day someone is rolling out something new- marketing technologies are always changing and Lincoln AMA is there to help you stay on top of these changes and keep your finger on the pulse of all the new sparkly tools we have at our disposal.

While there are many associations to join, Lincoln AMA is worth checking out.  I’ve been a member for over 5 years and continue to renew my membership because of the exceptional programming which keeps me on top of my marketing game!

You can learn more about the Lincoln AMA at, or better yet, attend a Signature Program or Special Interest Group.  In fact… I am confident that you’ll love us so much, that the first 5 people to email me at will attend a Signature Program as my guest!  Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch!