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Whitney Hansen

The Dorothy B. Clarke Award is awarded each year to a Lincoln AMA board member or volunteer who goes above and beyond their assigned responsibility to help AMA Lincoln succeed. This year’s winner was our Immediate Past President, Whitney.

In her time on the board, Whitney has worked tirelessly for our Lincoln marketing community. During her first year, she agreed to take on being president-elect, which is definitely no easy feat for a newcomer to the board. When she agreed to take on the challenge, Covid wasn’t even a glimmer in anyone’s eyes. She made great plans only to have the world fall out from under us. Then she made more plans in the “new normal” and well, Covid knocked those down too. Through all the craziness, Whitney persevered and set future boards up for success. 

Whitney’s biggest accomplishment this year was taking on the City of Lincoln Reflag project. From helping to secure funds, to forming a committee, to paying for cake – Whitney was involved in every step of the process. We all have Whitney’s hard work to thank for the beautiful new Lincoln flag. Thank you for everything, congratulations.