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Nelnet Marketing

Nelnet Marketing is the in-house marketing and creative department of Nelnet. Comprised of 50+ professionals, the department leads the marketing, advertising, and branding efforts for all of Nelnet’s 24+ businesses. With full-service capabilities, including brand planning and strategy, copywriting, design, video and photo, web strategy and development, and media planning, the team is dedicated to helping Nelnet businesses compete – and win – in a variety of industries. Nelnet Marketing is proud to produce effective, award-winning work that moves Nelnet forward.


Product Launch Campaign: Small Business

U-fi Student Loans Product Launch

U-fi Nelnet launched student loan refinance company. When we added private student loans, we had to build on Nelnet’s reputation the largest federal loan servicer and become a credible partner in private student loan originations with two new audiences – College Financial Aid Professionals and Families seeking to better understand their private loan options.

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Website: Small Business

U-fi Website

Nelnet launched U-fi as a Private Student Lending Platform in 2019 amidst competition from fintech startups and traditional lenders. Being a 100% online lender, our website was the most important tool to deliver our brand story and the entire product experience. With well planned and executed strategies, we were able to achieve loan application rates 4x the industry norms.

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Landing Page: Large Business

Nebraska’s Fastest Internet Landing Page

Ookla, the global leader in internet speed analysis, dubbed ALLO Communications as the fastest internet provider in the state of Nebraska. This landing page was meant to pay tribute to ALLO’s success as an internet service provider, and to support ALLO’s reputation for providing excellent service through hard data provided by third-party industry experts.

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Organic Social Media: Large Business

2019 Nelnet United Way Social Media

Everyone “likes” a good cause. Every year, Nelnet supports United Way through a company-wide fundraiser. Through an organic social media campaign running from July 22 – August 16, we featured posts, stories, and videos across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in order to increase support for United Way in Nelnet communities.

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Animation/ Motion Graphics: Large Business

ALLO We Believe Animated Video

ALLO, a Nebraska-based company introduced a compelling offer through video: new customers would receive a free year of internet service if Nebraska’s football team one the conference championship. The animated video positioned ALLO alongside Nebraska fans, encouraging them to believe in something big and join the winning team.

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Short-form Video: Large Business

ALLO We Believe Video

ALLO believes in Nebraska and believes the best fans deserve the best service. A series of 15-second videos connected with Nebraska football fans emotionally to promote the chance to win a year of free internet. Using the state’s unique football terminology and Nebraska values, the campaign’s aspirational messaging unified fans with ALLO.

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Merit Awards

Short-form Video: Large Business

Nelnet 2019 United Way Campaign Video Series

Marketing Maverick: Large Business

Great Lakes Social Media

Corporate Identity/Branding: Small Business

Xetta Brand Identity