Social Media Lead - Miller Heinman Group (posted 8/31)

Current Required Duties:

• Oversee Social Media Analytics and reporting
• Manage social media outlets globally and providing direction to global marketing managers on digital approach
• Manage optimization of blogs, social media and video channels
• Ensure optimization and strengthening of all social and video channels
• Provide direction and guidance on brand standards and voice through social channels
• Exhibit a strong understanding of the brand and executing across social channels in adherence with brand standards and strategy
• Formulate, in assistance with the creative team, the social media strategy and cadence
• Monitor all social media channels globally
• Build strategies for improving customer and internal engagement across all social channels
• Idea generate new initiatives for social channels and digital efforts to increase and strengthen brand outreach
• Produce strategies for increasing leads across social channels
• Distribute content in an effective and timely manner across social channels
• Ensure social efforts are aligned and executed accordingly with direct marketing, web, events and public relations.
• Administer the creation and publication of relevant, high-quality content
• Create a regular publishing schedule for social media channels and implement a content editorial calendar that aligns to overall marketing strategies and campaigns.


• Have a deep understanding the nuances of each social media platform and the ability to execute messages accordingly across channels to engage audiences
• Strong creative ability to idea generate, think outside the box and work with a creative team to establish new approaches across social media channels
• Ability to coach a global team of Marketing Managers on best practices across social media, brand adherence through social channels and guidance/feedback on strengthening those efforts
• An understanding of SEO and the relationship between social media, blogs, video and optimization
• An understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite
• A continuous knowledge of new social media tactics, strategies and technologies being used across the industry
• A firm grasp of video trends across social media channels
• Ability to educate others on the importance of social media, how to utilize it and best practices all channels
• Ability to form a yearly content and editorial calendar that aligns social efforts with marketing strategies and campaigns
• Firm grasp on social media goals and objectives and the ability to track these on a monthly and annual basis to report to leadership

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