Senior Marketing Consultant - Unanimous (posted 5/24)

Job Description
The ideal Senior Marketing candidate will work closely with our clients to develop strategic marketing plans that are results focused. This role must be able to complete analysis, research, and the planning required to develop marketing and communication strategies. Strong copywriting skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously are musts. This position reports directly to the Vice President of UNANIMOUS.

Marketing & Communication Strategy
● Clearly define and document marketing objectives and business goals.
● Perform a SWOT analysis, analyze target audiences and identify key competitors.
● Conduct market research, focus groups, surveys, phone or in-person interviews.
● Develop communication strategies that outline competitive advantages, differentiation, and key
● Recommend marketing or campaign initiatives and document an implementation plan.
● Work with the UNANIMOUS team to deliver recommended marketing tactics.

Copywriting & Content Development
● Develop core messaging platform and content for communication materials (print, web, social media, etc).
● Collaborate with members of the UNANIMOUS team to ensure content and aesthetics are in alignment.
● Present content to clients, engage in the feedback process and modify until client is satisfied.
● Proofread all sales and marketing communications.

Internal Marketing & Communication Strategy
● Develop, oversee and maintain a marketing strategy for UNANIMOUS.
● Play a supportive role in researching and identifying prospective clients.
● Develop internal and external marketing/communications content for UNANIMOUS as needed.
● Assist with pitch materials and participate in presentations as needed.

POSITIVE: We make a positive impact with a positive attitude. We enjoy working together and operate drama-free. We look forward to making a significant difference for professional organizations on a daily basis.
EXPERT: We are professional, highly skilled, devoted to our craft, and masters of our domain. We pay attention to market trends, stay ahead of the curve, and have the talent, experience, and portfolio to prove it.
TENACIOUS: We are passionate about what we do. We constantly strive to surpass goals, exceed expectations, and stay ahead of the curve. We are built with grit, hustle and a desire to make sure things get done the right way.
COLLABORATIVE: We check our egos at the door and understand that when great minds come together we will produce outstanding results. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, come with us — we’ll go together.

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